The Management of Beas Healthcare and Education Society – is working unobtrusively behind the scenes to establish not one but several founts of academic excellence - DPS Durgapur, DPS Ruby Park Kolkata, DPS Amritsar and Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering and Technology, NH24 Ghaziabad being some among them.

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before the organization, in the process of establishing first-rate schools both in India and abroad, is to maintain and strengthen its momentum of participation, mobilization and action at the global, national and community levels and bridge the gap between theory and practice.

An educational programme of universal scope that aims to reach large numbers within a specific timetable, must develop on an effective method of monitoring progress. It is entirely due to this dynamic approach that the BEAS Healthcare and Education Society which in conjunction with the DPS Society, manages DPS NH24.

As education lies at the heart of all development, the Society is of the firm belief that its reach must extend to the maximum number. It is this involvement of the DPS Society together with BEAS Society in Universal Education Reconstruction that strives to make the difference - as a ‘matrix’ of networking between state, national and international educational development.