Instructions of Payment:

Yearly Fee Payment has been divided into 4 quarters.

  • April - June
  • July - September
  • October - December
  • January - March

Last Date to deposit fee in every quarter is 15th of that Month Accordingly you must deposit fee by:

  • 15th April for 1st Quarter(April- June)
  • 15th July for 2nd Quarter(July- Sep.)
  • 15th Oct for 3rd Quarter(Oct- Dec)
  • 15th Jan for 4th Quarter(Jan- March)

Please note a late fee of Rs 500/ will be charged if fee is not Deposited on the dates specifies above.

After the expiry of last date a fine of Rs 1000/ will be charged for every fortnight.

Fee in Cash to be deposited at Bank only. No Cash to be deposited in School.

Fee only by cheque should be deposited at school. Kindly Mention Admission Number, Name of the Child/class/section on the back of the cheque.

Duplicate booklet will be issued on the cash payment of Rs 100/ at the account office of the school.

For Queries Please contact the accounts office of the school on +91-11-43126700